Quicker Fuel With Quaker

As we all know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s good for you and your family to get proper breakfast food to jump start your morning.  The most common excuse for not having breakfast is not having enough time. I know this because that is why I normally don’t eat it. I normally let my kids grab something at the school to help save me time in the mornings. I want my kids to have a good, healthy breakfast and with some of these new Quaker products I think I can manage those things. 002

Quaker has revamped a few of their products and I am quite pleased with the results personally. My favorite was the Big Chewy Granola Bar. I will honestly tell you I haven’t been a fan of their Chewy Granola Bars the past few years, but these NEW bigger ones have the perfect mix of crunchy and chewy for me. It was heaven in my mouth for me, and my kids enjoyed them as well. I also love the granola bars because not only are they great for breakfast but they are good for anytime. Just grab one out and you are done. You can eat it on the go or sit and savor it.

The Perfect Portion Oatmeal was a hit as well with us. A box of oatmeal will last one breakfast in my house. My son was the happiest with this.  He loves his oatmeal and to be able to decide how big to make his bowl certainly tickled his fancy. We thought the picture on the front of the bag was so appetizing we added some sliced apples and extra cinnamon to ours and it was delicious. I love oatmeal because it is a great breakfast food that will stick to your ribs for a while and help you get through the morning. Not only does Quaker have breakfast covered they also have some snacks that will refuel you. The Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies were great for putting in the kids lunch or for a after school snack.

Quaker up and fuel your family with these great NEW products from Quaker. I love that I can feel good about giving Quaker items to my family. They are healthy, my kids enjoy them, and I’m happy.  It’s nice being able to start our day, get Quakered Up, and enjoy our day without being plagued by hunger pains. Head over and check out the full line on the Quaker facebook page or on the Quaker webpage. Or you can catch up with them on Twitter or Pinterest. They also have recipes, tips, and perhaps some savings available!


After fueling up with Quaker, Ayla is ready to conquer the world!!




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Very Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Yesterday I was feeling adventurous and decided I was going to make a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. My sister in law, Donna, made them from scratch and I paid attention to what she used and figured I could wing it. So I checked out a few recipes online and came up with my plan. From what I figure you can get all the ingredients for around $10. It takes about 45 min to prepare and bake.


Very Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe


The ingredients

The ingredients

1 box of Pillsbury refrigerated Pie Crusts

2 cans of Chicken Breast pieces

3 cans of veggies (I used 2 mixed vegetables and 1 green bean)

2 cans of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken

1  9 in. Pie Pan




1. Preheat oven to 400.

2. Get a pot and mix your veggies, chicken, and Cream of Chicken in and warm them up.

3. While that is warming up go ahead and get your pie pan and put your bottom crust in. My Dad didn’t mention this to me until it was too late, but if you stick that bottom crust in the oven for 5 min. it should help it not go mushy when you pour in your filling.

Pour it in and stir a little!

Pour it in and stir a little!

4. After the crust and veggies are ready, you can pour it in the pie pan. Even it out and make it all nice. Then get your top crust and put it on. I just wrapped the excess over the lip of the pie pan, then I used a fork and made indentions around it so it would be pretty.  Before you put it in the oven cut 2 slits in the middle so it can vent.

In the oven.

In the oven.

5. Put your pot pie in the oven for about 30 min or until the crust is golden. (My Dad also told me a little too late that you can brush butter on the top crust to make it better.)

6. Take it out, let it set for 5 min., and dig in!  Enjoy!


Finished Chicken Pot Pie. Yummy!

Finished Chicken Pot Pie. Yummy!


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Free Arby’s Alert!

Here is a great FREEBIE  for lunch on Thursday. Try out a NEW Turkey Roaster from Arby’s on September 6th. There are 3 different varieties available, the Turkey Classic, The Grand Turkey Club, or the Turkey n Cheddar.


Head to your local store between 11am and 1pm, while supplies last, and get yours. Call ahead to make sure that your Arby’s is participating.


You can RSVP to this event OR  get more details right here.



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Cheap Arby’s Alert!

Arby’s is getting ready to celebrate their founding. Go to Arby’s on Monday, July 23rd and  you will be able to get a Roast Beef Classic Sandwich for ONLY$0.64! Head over to their website and print the coupon so you are all ready to go!


Click here to go get your coupon!!


**BONUS**   While you are over there visit the special offers tab and sign up for the Arby’s Extra’s Club and you will also receive a coupon for a FREE Roast Beef Sandwich with the purchase of a drink when you enroll. Not bad.

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Free Chips And Queso From Chili’s


            It’s back!!!! Sign up for the Chili’s E-club and receive a coupon for a FREE order of chips  and queso on your next visit. Yum! Make sure you sign up before it fills up!

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Enter To Win Kettle Brand Chips

Offer Is Expired!!

Kettle Brand Chips is giving away 5,000 bags of their yummy chips! Here is what’s going on:

A random drawing of entries submitted will be held and 5,000 entries selected to receive 30th Birthday cases. The 5,000 recipients selected will be notified by e-mail within 2 weeks after the entry period is over.

Good luck to you all!



Click here to enter!

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Fabulous (Almost) Free Friday!

I do not know what is in the water this week, or if I perhaps missed a memo, but for some reason several big restaurant companies have some fabulous freebies occuring this Friday. Breakfast I couldn’t find a Freebie for, but I did find a great deal on doughnuts!



First start off your morning celebrating Krispy Kreme’s 75th birthday! Buy 1 dozen doughnuts and get a 2nd dozen of original glazed for only $0.75!


By now it’s hot as heck out side and you might need a little “Refresher”. Head on over to your local Starbucks and try out one of their new S Cow Appreciation Day tarbucks Refreshers, for FREE!   Noon to 3 p.m. Limit 1 per person.





Moo. Today is Cow Appreciation Day, so do the cow a favor and eat more chicken at Chik-fil-a. Dress like a cow and get a FREE meal! Visit their website to download a cow costume kit.


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Beef Jerky Sample

Get a FREE sample of Perky Jerky! Head over to their facebook page and fill out the form to get yours!


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Buy A Dozen, Get A Dozen For $0.75 At Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is turning 75!! Stop by on Friday, July 13th and if you buy a dozen doughnuts, you can get a dozen original glazed for only $0.75! I think a normal dozen runs about $6 – $7.00, so this is quite a deal. Mark your calendars so you don’t forget!



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My Memorial Day McCormick Grill Mates Party


Memorial Day is here again and it is time to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our country. A lot of people celebrate the day by paying respects, cooking out, and spending time with loved ones. At least that is what I did. My family gathered together over at my Uncle’s house, swam in the pool, and cooked out. Fun times. My Memorial Day cookout was a little special this year, because I got to use my family as my test subjects for my new review. My Uncle Jim told me if it wasn’t good I would have to go to Publix and replace his ribs, so I had a little riding on this test.




I am a member of a little program called Crowdtap that you may or may not of heard of. If you are interested in checking this out, click here. I joined a crowd called the McCormick Grill Ambassadors and I had the chance to sign up for a chance to try some of the NEW Grill Mates Products. I was selected and they mailed me all the great stuff you see on the left. I received a bottle of Brown Sugar Bourbon BBQ Sauce, Molasses Bacon blend, Montreal Steak blend, Memphis Pit Rub, and Spiced Brandy & Herb Marinade.  We decided to use the Memphis Pit Rub, the Bacon Molasses blend, and the BBQ sauce for our meal.


Getting the Bacon Molasses Blend on the hamburgers.

Ribs and the Slow & Low Memphis Rub


My uncle was the Grill Master of this occasion. The first thing we did was get the meat prepared for the grill. When I opened the Memphis Pit Rub I wanted to gobble it down. It smelled so good. We rubbed it into the ribs and got the hamburger prepared with the Bacon Molasses seasoning blend. After we got the meat on the grill, my Mom and I got the sides together and we all just hung out and had fun in the pool until it was ready.  Here are some pics of it cooking. It took quite a while and by the time it was done we were super hungry and ready to eat!





On the grill...it smelled so good!!


Our meal consisted of Bacon Molasses Hamburgers, Slow and Low Memphis Ribs, corn on the cob,deviled eggs, baked beans, and brownies. My cousin tried some of the Brown Sugar Bourbon BBQ Sauce on her ribs and she loved it! (I actually took the rest of  this home and my daughter and I had some chicken nuggets and used the BBQ sauce too, it was yummy!) I first dug into my Bacon Molasses hamburger and it was excellent, but I couldn’t tell if I was tasting the Bacon Molasses or not!  Now on the Slow and Low Memphis Pit Ribs,  I couldn’t get enough of them. I’m not really a fan of too much spice, (picky eater here)  and these had a little kick to them. The taste it left in my mouth had me wanting more.



Yum! It was delicious!

Everyone else luckily agreed with me as well. My Mom and cousin both thought the food was great, the kids ate it without complaining (and that is sometimes a miracle within itself!), plus Uncle Jim didn’t make me buy him a new set of ribs, so I guess it’s safe to say our family approves! I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors I’ve seen offered, they sound good. Head over to the McCormick Grill Mates facebook page and  check out what’s going on in the Grillerhood! There are several recipes you can check out as well.
You can find the McCormick’s Grill Mates products at your local grocery store or online. Try it out and let us know what you think!




**Recently I was selected through Crowdtap to try out some of the new McCormick’s Grill Mates Products. I received one or more of the products mentioned for free through Crowdtap. Regardless I only promote products that I feel are good for my family and my readers.**

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