Product Review: Mamas and Papas Stroller (SOLA 2 in 1 – Plum)

There are a few requirements that parents, like myself,  want when we look for strollers. One of them being that it’s easy to put together, set up, use and put away without too much hassle.  Not to forget Safe to use.  We’re in a hurry, we don’t have time to kick, pull, struggle with weird switches, pedals and awkward clips. Another requirement we need is for our child to be comfortable because let’s face it; if baby isn’t happy, parents aren’t happy.  Well with the Mamas and Papas SOLA 2 in 1 stroller-buggy, it was rather simple to put together and it’s easy to set up and put away. We were fortunate enough to get the Plum one for our daughter and she looks absolutely adorable in it. We were getting compliments while out and about around the town, something I’ve never experienced before in my time of having a kiddo and using strollers. I enjoy how lightweight it is and the optional swivel front tires are definitely a plus for those tight turns. The Mamas and Papas Sola 2 in 1 is definitely a work of art.

Sola – Plum (Our Stroller)

Pulling this thing out of the box, it was instantly noticeable how structurally strong this thing is built. It’s ultra lightweight design makes it easy to set up and use! Just push down the little buttons on the handle bar and lift! It’s that simple! Make sure it’s all locked into place before setting your little one inside though. The plush comfy padding for the seat makes it enjoyable for long travels. Whether you’re on the jogging trail or at the mall, this stroller can handle it all. The suspension and wheels can handle many surfaces and your child is locked in with a 5 point safety harness, the safest of belts installed on this stroller. The handle for us to use is padded with a thick foam and my spouse and I’s hands never grew tired and it was incredibly comfortable to use. Even with our toddler sitting inside of the SOLA, it was easy to maneuver. I’m really impressed with the engineering on this stroller. It’s not your usual department store stroller, that’s for sure!




Like I mentioned above, I’ve overheard people when they walk by say “Oh look, that’s a cute stroller!” and even have been stopped to get a compliment on my stroller and how cute my daughter looks inside of it. I’ve never had this happen to me with other strollers. I mean I thought it was cute but I had no clue it would be such an attention grabber out in public. We were at the zoo and people weren’t paying attention to the near by animals, they were admiring the Mamas and Papas Sola my daughter was comfortably riding in.



Check out this quick video tutorial by Mamas & Papas that shows you all of the awesome features of the Sola!





The Sola comes standard with everything I’ve mentioned plus the under seat carry basket, which has enough storage space for our giant diaper bag, a smaller shopping bag and our daughter’s cup. Another neat feature is that the entire seat and be turned around so you can play silly games with your child. Or if they’re too young to really pay attention and need to see their Mommy or Daddy at all times, this option is an must. Another accessory the Sola comes with is a plastic raincover. One day while we were out, we were getting a sudden downpour and it was very convenient to just slap this thing on and keep our investments (Both child and stroller), dry and safe. When we got out of the cold rain, we just folded up the rain cover and set it in the basket to dry. The mesh basket allows the water to drip right through and it does absolutely no damage to it. The cross bar also makes things convenient as it can snap on easily or be taken off without much effort. This option allowed us to fit the Sola into the trunk of our little car easily. The SOLA 2 n 1 can support children as young as newborn all the way up to 4 years of age.  There are 4 stylish colors for you to choose from.



Everything about the Mamas and Papas Sola 2 in 1 stroller just makes parenting life on the go that much easier. Also, you gotta love the fact that it catches the attention of passers by. I highly recommend purchasing Mama And Papas brand products.  Quality that is tough and built to last.

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